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Emotional S​tress-based Whole Body Wellness

Be in control of your health, adapt better to your environment, and get to the true root cause of your tension...while learning how to master your stress, trust your body, and walk through life with ease.

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Imagine if...

  • you woke up feeling rested, refreshed, and without feeling stiff or sore
  • you were able to handle your stress in a way that felt good to you and didn’t result in overwhelm
  • you knew exactly what to do to feel better anytime you felt off, upset, or reactive
  • you were able to get through the day without being distracted by worries or tension
  • you had more energy, fewer sick days, and overall better body function

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In my practice, we get to the bottom of your stress to resolve the true cause of your pain, symptoms, and tension. I use specific techniques to analyze your nervous system, determine the cause(s) of your stress, and remove the inference preventing your system from adapting to that stress.

Stress is "a physical, chemical, or emotional factor that causes bodily or mental tension and may be a factor in disease causation" (Merriam Webster Dictionary). Your body knows how to adapt. When there is an overload of stress, the body can no longer adapt and switches its gears to Survival Mode. The problem with this is the body doesn't care if you're in pain when in Survival Mode. Feeling good is not its priority. My goal is to help you become a master at managing and adapting to stress, so that you limit time spent in Survival Mode, you feel and function better, and are able to handle whatever life throws at you in a way you enjoy.

Nothing about your care here will be generalized. We'll work together to address your specific stressors, create a Wellness Toolkit to manage future stress that you encounter, and we'll keep track of your progress every step of the way, to pivot or accelerate care as needed. I want you to manage your wellness in a way that is empowering, without feeling lost or overwhelmed.

We can't base our health only in terms of how we feel. There are many conditions and diseases that occur that we can't feel, until its a huge problem. By measuring your body's ability to adapt, your inner fulfillment, confidence, energy, happiness, and well-being, as well as how your body feels physically every day, we'll get you back to a life of true wellness!

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What Patients are Saying

"I was seeking a NET practitioner, and Dr. Becca is Best of the Best in Chicago. The transformation – mind, body, and spirit – has been incredible. The NET technique has a powerful impact on unlocking pivotal moments in life and reclaiming these moments and memories to live a more joyful present and hopeful future. Every week, I am amazed how our bodies carry the weight of past burdens and traumas. Harnessing the power of ancient Chinese medicine and Western psychology, Dr. Becca helps me transform the weight of the past (manifested in mind and body) into meaningful narratives and personal stories about my life experiences. These insights (and subsequent shifts in thoughts, feelings, and behavior) have positively changed how I interact and live with myself and others. Every week, I feel lighter and happier. I have more clarity, grounding, and purpose than ever before. Dr. Becca is at the heart of this experience. Her kindness, compassion, wisdom, and grace are sacred to the therapeutic process. I always feel supported in her presence. No challenge is too big or too small to overcome. Every positive step forward is a win. I am eternally grateful and blessed to have Dr. Becca as a practitioner. I highly recommend to anyone invested in NET or chiropractor services."

- Cynthia P.

"I have been seeing Dr. Becca for chiropractic care and NET therapy. Both combined have worked wonders for me. Dr. Becca is very caring and always demonstrates that she has my best interest at hand, if something throughout our adjustment (chiropractic) session physically hurts she will be extra careful and make sure I feel comfortable. This quality in her makes her one of the best practitioners I have ever had.

My mental fogginess has disappeared and my physical pain has subsided significantly. Through NET therapy I have managed to clear out pending emotional burdens which were holding me back in different aspects of my life, which were manifesting in physical pain as well. It has been a very freeing experience. I always leave this office feeling very content, relaxed and painless." 

- Alejandra L.

"I’d say the biggest thing I’ve learned is an increased body awareness of my own feelings and where I’m at inside myself. I’ve been blown away with how a physical symptom can be manifested with something that’s rooted in something emotional, which can even be rooted back to something that happened years ago. There was a physical symptom I was having that was tied to a recent event, which was tied to a feeling that I had when I was really little, like over 20 years ago. So that kind of blew me away and made me realize that this stuff goes really deep. Dr. Becca is such a calm yet encouraging spirit. She is really easy to open up to and learn more about yourself with. She helps give you the freedom while in the session to really explore everything and learn more about yourself."

- Alyssa K.

Hi, I'm Dr. Becca!

I know how it feels to be overstressed, tense, have low energy, and a to-do list that never ended — as a chiropractic student I was overloaded with classwork, completely burned out, and lacking the confidence to embody the leader I was training to become.

In my chiropractic journey, I’ve learned a lot about the delicate balance of wellness. But as a stressed-out student, what helped me the most was understanding the underlying emotional stress causing my discomfort and overwhelm. By addressing my own unresolved patterns, I’ve been able to find the confidence, stability, and focus I’ve always wanted to see in myself, while minimizing my physical symptoms and anxiety in the process.

So I set off on a mission to dedicate my chiropractic practice to addressing the true cause of stress, pain, and dysfunction…

Years later, after helping countless patients experience sustainable health through emotional stress techniques, I discovered that many of our stress patterns are rooted in similar belief systems, poor boundaries, and adverse events from childhood.

So, I reorganized my practice to teach my patients how to become confident, self-sufficient, and able to manage any stress or situation on their own while minimizing tension, pain, and other symptoms. 

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